My name is Shalyn but people tend to just call me Shay. 

    This is my heart. Excited to grow as I share.

    I’m a quirky girl with a huge heart for family, friends, Jesus and living my absolute best life. I thank God for blessing me in ways bigger than the sky but mostly for my husband, Drew (Drew Drew Hot Pants) and our little boy, Beau. I’ve been a blogger/photographer since 2010 and have loved every moment of the journey. I want to live my life with joy and bring joy to those around me. I strive to live in the moment and encourage others. I have an insatiable longing to write about my journey of mistakes & triumphs.

    I chase the happy, & crave the heart stopping moments. I have always had a passion for all things creative but photography stole my heart 8 years ago and there was no going back. There is no greater way to explain why I love what I do than to say it simply sets my heart & soul on fire. My husband and I photograph weddings together, so if you’re in need of a super cool tag team to capture the most special day of your lives,  feel free to check us out here.

    When I’m not working or filling up this space here, you will find me spending time with DDHP who makes me laugh like no one else in the world. He’s easy on the eyes and my very best friend. You also will see me chasing after our one year old, Beau, traveling, scheming/dreaming up renovations for our house, playing with our two dogs and hedgehogs, watching movies, cooking & baking, and having dance parties in our living room.