HAHA. So random right!? 🙂 I know. I know.

    However, (what feels like a million weeks ago), I got an itch to make something for my kitchen. I didn’t know what I wanted to make, but I wanted to make SOMETHING. I literally did this on a whim and don’t regret it one bit. I went into my garage, saw that we had blackboard paint and a wooden board that were just filling up the garage. We made eye contact, and they said, “PLEASE DO SOMETHING WITH ME! PAH-LEASE WOMAN!” SO I did. I decided to make a chalkboard. Here is how I made it and I am sure you’re thinking, “Well Shay, that’s SOOO EASY!”

    Yes, my friends. Yes it was. It isn’t rocket science. AND it wasn’t the first time someone has made one of these. Original much? Heck no.

    But, I made one from scratch. AND it was fun. I enjoyed making it and plan on making some for my friends as gifts in the future. SO here you go…just in case you feel like getting crafty in the near future and need some reassurance on how easy this is! 🙂

    First you need the following:

    A blank wood board (any size you prefer – got ours from Home Depot)
    Blackboard paint (Home Depot)
    A roller paint brush
    Trim to frame (Measure your board and prepare to add a few inches just in case)
    White spray paint
    A saw
    A nail gun
    A sexy husband (boyfriend, neighbor, guy pal, gal pal, whomever you want to hang out with, really. If they are HANDY, I’d pick them first. :))
    A smile (not optional)
    And a Furpup (optional)

    With our house renovations, we had all of this laying around already – SCORE – but if you don’t have this at your fingertips, these supplies are very affordable at your local hardware store! 😉 Well maybe not the saw, but you know what I mean.


    STEP 1.  Prep your board. Clean it off and make sure there is no dirt on it. Whisper sweet little nothings to it and prepare it for greatness. 😉

    STEP 2.  Get your paint ready. I started painting the board with this small paint brush because it was all I could find. Thankfully, Drew found my roller in the garage and it proved to be a MUCH more efficient and smoother process.

     STEP 3: Smile like a weirdo. Paint your board and let it dry. I applied three coats. It took me about an hour to do all three, too! 🙂

     STEP 4: Make sure your Furpup approves.

    STEP 5: Get your trim and spray paint it white. I applied two coats. You can also do this while your board is drying too. Obviously I forgot to take photos of this part. My bad.
    STEP 6: Measure your board to see what dimensions you need to cut for your trim. 

    STEP 7: Once the trim is cut, lay it on your board and staple. It was a little tricky for us and had a minute where everything wasn’t exactly matching up, so make sure you are exact with your measurements! 🙂

    STEP 8: Get your chalk and get creative! I have already changed up my board a few times and it’s so fun! 🙂 It adds a fun little touch of love to that kitchen of yours. (Ours is currently sitting above our refrigerator, BUT you can also use this chalkboard in any room of your house, obviously! 🙂 I ordered a chalk pen off of Amazon and hopefully that will look a lot better than what you are about to see below! 🙂

    STEP 9: Write! Wipe! Enjoy! Write! Wipe! Enjoy! Repeat as much as your pretty heart desires. 🙂

    STEP 10: Drink a cup of coffee.

    Zee end! 🙂

    August 20, 2013



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    did you try it with the chalkboard pen yet? i just bought some wood today to make chalkboards (i have the spray paint but i may have to go buy the regular paint as seen on previous comments) did the pen work properly on it?

    I made a tiny one and used a picture frame instead they're sooo cool!! I've actually always had this idea and wanted to do this but never knew what to use for the back.Thanks for the DIY 🙂

    I love it! It looks awesome! I made one but it's little. I should make a bigger one; I love writing with chalk! 🙂

    Ana Paula
    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

    Aw thank you! 🙂 You should def. make a bigger one! They are so much more fun to write on!

    love this! but question.. are you finding that when you erase the chalk it doesn't wipe away all the way? I tried a spray paint chalk board and it just didn't work right.. but if this one (reg. paint) works i'll have to give it a try! 🙂

    Hey girl! SORT of! IT comes off really easy, but I do have to wipe clean my towel/sponge every time I swipe to help prevent the white film afterwards. It takes a few times to clean it, but it isn't as bad as I thought it would be! It does remove very easily though and works a lot better than spray paint chalk board paint! 🙂

    I love how you somehow turn something as simple as making a chalkboard into an awesome blog post with original content! I love your writing style and the way you edit all of your photos. You rock!

    Awww this is so sweet of you to say Alexa! Thank you!!! YOU rock!

    yay!! i love it!! & i freaking love furlee. jesus he is adorable.


    Haha he is the weirdest animal on the planet, I swear! <3

    seriously, though, you are just the cutest.

    love this!
    i recently saw a chalkboard painted car (on pinterest..where else) and it was the coolest thing, i swear. look it up, if you haven't seen it already.

    have a lovely day, shay! 🙂

    Aw thanks Jess! 🙂 I have NOT seen that yet, but I am going to go look for it now! 🙂 LOL! That sounds awesome!

    YOUUUU are the cutest!!! 🙂 Thank you! Love you Chels!

    You are too funny, I love the shay style tutorial, need more of these posts! and I LOVE the quote you chose for the chalkboard, I've been wanting to get a print of that quote from Etsy forever!

    Aw haha thanks Taren! 🙂 I'll work on it! 🙂

    I am so in love with what you wrote on the board! It's perfect!!

    Aw thanks Allie! 🙂 I googled "cute coffee quotes" and found this! 🙂

    Gah! That's so cute… and doesn't look TOO difficult!

    It wasn't at all! 🙂 Thank you!

    I love your cute chalkboard (and that sweet lettering) Shay! I'm definitely making one when we move to our new kitchen.

    Chelsea & The City

    Aww thanks Chelsea!! 🙂 YOU MUST do it! I would love to see it when you're finished! 🙂

    Umm… please do more projects..cause I absolutely am in love with everything about this post haha 🙂 The chalkboard came out FABULOUS! And I think I need your chalk writing skills ASAP.

    HAHA! AHHH! Thanks girl! You're so sweet! I will certainly try! 🙂

    My favorite part is the writing. I'm not nearly that creative.

    Hey Melanie!! 🙂 Thank you so much! 🙂

    You're so cute, I love everything you wrote on the photos – that was my favorite part of this post :p

    Aww thank you so much Holly! 🙂

    Thank you so much Carolyn!!! I can't wait for you to have your baby!!! AHHH! SO SOON!

    It looks sooo cute! Funny thing, I have some old wood frames laying around that I've saved just for making chalk boards & such! Should prob get on that!! & I looove your hand writing! Could you send some of that ability to me?? LOL!

    *Bestest should def. be a new word*

    Thanks so much Shayna!!! You should def. take those old wood frames and get to work girlfriend!!! 🙂 You're the bestest!!! 🙂

    That's like such an easy DIY made with so much fun! 😀 will def make one too *-*

    xo Noor

    Aw thanks Noor! 🙂 YAY! Would love to see it when you're done! <3

    I was wondering the same thing as Ashley ^. And you did a great job! I love it!!

    Thanks Courtney! 🙂 Yes, I used a Bamboo Tablet! 🙂

    Thank you Amanda Pants! Love you from here to the MOON!

    Love it!!! Your writing is so fun and oh so perfect!! 🙂 like I said on IG, can I just buy it from you 😉

    You are so sweet Lindsay! 🙂 I would love to make you one! 🙂

    Did you use a pen tablet to write on all your photos? I love it! I'm making a chalkboard tonight 😉

    Hi Ashley! YAY! Thanks so much! Yes, I used a bamboo tablet! 🙂

    Your handwriting is PERFECT on your chalkboard!!! I love the little doodles! So cute!

    Sam, you are too kind girl! Thank you!!! 🙂