Today I planned on posting some tunes for you to jam to but when I woke up this morning, I was going through my folders of work that I have still yet to post. “Where do I begin!?” I thought.

Then I saw it.

Y’all…I would like you to meet my Mamaw and Papaw.

This is Billie Wanda and Joe Ray Johnson. Yes, these are real, legit, born and bread names coming to you from the heart of Texas. Doesn’t get more southern than that now does it? πŸ™‚ These two muffins mean the entire world to me. They are full of love, life, and have the biggest hearts I’ve ever known. They are two goofballs with sense of humors that I admire in a million and one ways. They are my heroes and the biggest role models in my life to date.

Do you remember this video I made of them? If not, then please watch it. It is my most valued possession.

They are the epitome of what real love should be. It’s the love I strive to have. When I edited these photos I caught myself studying their delicate, tired, and wrinkled hands embracing one another. It just melted my heart and filled my soul with more happiness than I can fathom. I am so thankful I have them. I am so thankful I know them. I am so thankful they are my grandparents. The laughter that they still eloquently share is a beautiful reminder. This is real love. The real deal. They have done the hard work and never gave up. Y’all, tears fill my eyes everytime I look at these.

When I went to Making Things Happen in Chicago last fall, we were called upon to share what we wanted in life while laying on the ground and with our eyes closed. What is life really all about for you? Is it about being the most successful person? Is it about being the most beautiful woman? Is it about being the best of the best? Is it about having the best house? Having the best things? The most friends? The better car? The better credentials? The better clothes? The better of well, everything? Is that what life really means to you?

Or is it about love?

At the end of the day…love is what makes me breathe. It is what makes this life worth living.

I remember I was bawling my eyes out in this moment at MTH and when I thought about what I truly, truly wanted, I said this:

“At the end of this life, I just want to be old and gray, hand in hand, walking down the sidewalk smiling and laughing with Drew.”

As I looked through these photos of my grandparents, that feeling came back to me, and for a minute, I imagined Drew and I in these photos. If at the end of this life, I can be here. Like this. Old, gray, wrinkled, with my best friend … My life will have been worth it. All of the ups and downs that life throws our way…none of that matters.

What matters is this.

^^ My favorite picture, ever. They always say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, I think this one says a million. ^^

We are so related. You think? πŸ™‚

“Mamaw, show me some sass girlfriend! Work itttt! Work it!”

And she put her hand on her hip and my heart melted. Is she not the cutest?

“Papaw, throw your hands in the air like you’z a true playaaaaa!”

And he put his hand in the air…like a true player. I can’t even deal. He’s just my favorite.

I love these two more than words will ever say.

I hope you live your life for love y’all. I don’t see how it could be any better than that.

Live your life with meaning. Love with all your heart. Make each and every day count and value your loved ones more than you did yesterday. Love is really all you need. πŸ˜‰

I’ll end with a quote from my Papaw on this day that he also said in the video I made of them:

“Walking through life together…but the trail is getting short.”