AHHHHHHHHHH! It’s here! It’s here! It’s here! I’m sorry it’s so late in the day too. I wanted to post this earlier this morning, but I’m experiencing flu like symptoms and just feeling sicker than a dog. BUT, as promised, I’m here to reveal my office! 🙂

    It feels SO good to finally show you guyssss! This project has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. When Drew and I first moved into our home almost three years ago, we had BIG plans for it. We bought an older home with plans to go room by room, gut it, upgrade here and there, and make it our own. We watched just a little TOO much HGTV, and I read WAY too many blogs. We basically got in over our heads and didn’t realize HOW expensive things were, how fast things added up, and got tired, REAL quick.

    At this time, we are on hold with a lot of the renovations in our home, BUT one day this summer I looked at Drew and said, “BABE. If we can’t put the floors in our living room yet…and we aren’t allowed to touch this room, this room, and this room. Can we maybe do the office? That’s the only room we are allowed to touch…technically. PLEASE??”

     We both had the itch and so it was game on!

    Y’all. I work a lot and I am one of those people who LOVE being in a creative space. I truly feel that you can do better, more creative, and more inspiring work if your work space reflects that. I have DREAMED of working in an office that reflects me, and makes me happy. I want to vibe off of my surroundings and enjoy a room that I’m in ALL. THE. TIME.

    For a little over two years, I was working in a room of off-white walls. We bought me a cheap little desk that sat in the corner of a room and faced the wall. It was accompanied with a black chair.

    That’s it. Literally. It was the ugliest room in all the land! 🙂

    Nothing on the walls. Berber carpet. Old yellow beige outlets. Tiny white ceiling fan that was lopsided. I’m talking BORING, BLAH, and NOT inspiring whatsoever.

    After some saving, and practical talks with Drew, we decided to get to work.

    We ripped up the nasty carpet, we bought some paint, and before I knew it…my space came to life. I held off on posting this for awhile because I wanted to buy cool new things to make my office awesome, BUT, the money never allowed for that. I ended up using things around my home and realized that I didn’t need NEW “stuff” to make it work.

    So, here it is. I hope you like it. 🙂

     Ta daaaa! 🙂 It’s so much fun getting to work from home, but working from home in the office of my dreams is pretty freaking awesome.

    The floors were bought at Discount Floor & More. Drew put them in all by himself.
    The Gold Wall: Drew and I handpainted this. It was tedious and crazy, but SO worth it.
    Camera Bag: Jo Totes
    Chair: Bought at an antique store
    Desk: IKEA
    Gold Chest: Bought at antique store
    Blanket: Marshall’s
    Pillow: Bed, Bath & Beyond
    Picture Frame in Window: Hobby Lobby
    For Like Ever: Gift from DDHP; Purchased from OhDierLiving on Etsy.
    Chandelier: Lowes
    Frames: IKEA
    Prints: Stephanie Stervoski Print Shop (She’s amazing and just released new prints!)
    Flowers on Desk: IKEA
    Vase: Was Drew’s Mom’s that she gave to me. It was gray and I spray painted it gold.
    Book Case: Hand me down from my sister-in-law. Painted it white. Added under-lighting from IKEA.
    Sticks in Vase: Hobby Lobby
    Gold Pillow: Marshall’s
    Wooden Gold Heart: Marshall’s (Spray painted the heart gold)
    Gold Frame: Free from neighbors yard. Was brown and spray painted it gold.
    Love Letters on Shelf: Hobby Lobby
    Cameras on Shelf: Z-Gallerie
    iPhone Case: Target

    I’m still on the prowl for window decor. I can’t decide on what kind of drapes I want! 🙂

    A HUGE and SPECIAL thanks to my husband who put blood, sweat and tears into this office. That wall would not have been possible without him! 🙂 Thank you Elise for pushing me to FINALLY post this and helping me utilize the things in my home! 🙂 XOXO!

    January 9, 2013



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    Love this! What color gray is that on the other walls??

    Can you please share what gold spray paint you used please? Thanks! Gorgeous room.

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    Hi there! I absolutely LOVE your makeover! Everything about it is absolutely fantastic. I've featured this post in my Home Office Makeovers Round-Up – check it out here: Thank you! 🙂

    What paint color did you use for the gray walls?

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    Amazing office, I like the colour combination of pink and purple shades. Beautiful. Great work.

    Head. Over. HEELS!! Wow, love every tiny detail, and the quotation couldn't be any more perfect. The matching iphone case is just the icing on the cake. 🙂 Enjoy your gorgeous space!!!!!

    Shalyn, your office looks amazing! OMG those stripes! Do you know the paint colors for the stripes and the gray wall? I'd love to feature this on my paint color blog! Let me know!

    The room is beautiful! Great job! One correction if you could update where you bought the pieces from: the chandelier is from The Home Depot, not Lowes! Thanks.

    Wow. . . beautiful! It looks like something out of a magazine. I'm impressed that you did it all yourself – especially that wall. That must have taken forever!

    Holy cow….I am obsessed! That is a gorgeous office….and I would definitely be getting a lot more work done too if I had an office like that. I'm a new follower from Katie's Keep Calm & Carry On blog.

    Your office looks amazing! Like it belongs in a magazine! Beautiful 🙂

    Love your chevron wall! I was wondering what paint color you used for the gold? Thanks!!

    The chevron wall is absolutely stunning!

    OMG!!!!! I would love to have this as my office! So gorgeous and can't get enough of the gold!

    It's a beauty!

    Gold is a pretty classy colour theme in an office space. Thank you for sharing your beautiful office space. 🙂

    ummm can you just take your artisitc eyes and put them in my face. to.die.for! like something straight out of a magazine. it's so pretty!! very, very impressed my dear!!!

    I loooooove!!!! I can get inspired in that room daily!

    LOVE LOVE everything where did you get the gold patterned notebook on your desk? I need everything

    i can't even describe how much i love this! it's perfect! the gold trunk makes me swoon. what color gold paint did you use?

    Holy schmoly, lady! This is gorgeous! Congrats on this new space – I know you'll make it even more beautiful just being in it!

    WOW!!! This is amazingly beautiful!

    Oh my GOSH!! Your office is amazing, there are no other words to describe it except amazing. I love everything about it and I definitely have office envy right now!

    Like everyone else has already said, this is amazing! What a gorgeous office space, I'd love to work there. 🙂


    This is in.freaking.credble. I am seriously floored by this office, and GREEN with envy. You have amazing taste… like, seriously. Maybe you should be an interior designer?! I can't even full express how impressed I am by this room. I want to beat you up and take it! 😛 Ha!! Love you, and congrats on creating a seriously f*cking awesome room, pardon my french!! 🙂

    It looks great! I love all of the gold details! I would have never thought to use gold but it looks amazing!

    it looks amazing! I would love to have a space like that of my own! So happy for you.

    LOVE IT! You have inspired me to get to work decorating my photography office. I spend so much time in there, you are right, inspiration is needed. Love the colors! It looks awesome!

    Holy amazingness!
    This is just beautiful. So light and bright and the gold, oh my. My girly self is having a heart attack loving and lusting after that wall.

    That wall and chest are to die for! Great job!

    Beautiful! I am even inspired to do some work looking at your office. Love, love, love the Chevron wall! Good job! 🙂

    I am a new follower. I love your new office. I love the color palette and all of the cute decor 🙂

    Aww I love how this turned out! So classy and feminine. I've been working on transforming a room in our new place to a 'creative/craft room'. Definitely some great inspiration here!

    I'm obsessed with this room! Seriously obsessed. It looks amazing! That stripe wall totally makes the room!

    Your office is so gorgeous! I love, love, love it! I've always loved interior designs but I can never think up ideas myself so I like to live vicariously through others lol. 😛


    mmmm so when are you coming to my house to design it? Love you shay & so so so so excited for you!

    DANG girl!!! Look at you go with all of these comments. I love it! You're a BAD ASS!!! xoxo

    AMAZING. What else can be said!? =)

    SHAY! This is amazing!!! How much for you to come to NC and decorate our new place when we find one? 😉

    Oh my goodness your new office looks amazing. You two did such a fabulous job! 🙂

    what a beautiful space! I love all the gold details.

    absolutely stunning!
    what color paint did you use for the gold chevron??

    It is perfection. That is such a blessing to have a beautiful space to work in and a husband to help make that dream come true!

    I absolutely adore this office! Could y'all come to my house now???

    Ahhhhh! So freakin gorgeous!!!! I love it. You have some incredible style girl!

    oh my goodness! This is amazing and so so pretty!

    It's gorgeous!!! I love the chalkboard paint and the white desk and really just everything! I need to have an office. I have a room that I sort of fixed up like an office, but it doesn't have a desk. We just rent, so maybe one day I can have an actual office… but mine will do (even though the light bulb is burned out) and haven't changed it yet lol

    O M G!!!! Beautiful!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I especially love the chalkboard wall!! My kids would have a field day with that!

    Ah! Don't you love walking into a space that reflects YOU so much? It helps you get tap into what makes you YOU. Beautiful space, Shay! 🙂


    OMG. Absolutely gorgeous!! Looks like something out of a magazine! I don't think I would want to leave the room!

    Shay I am IN LOVE with your office!!! It's absolutely beautiful & I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to sleep in there too! Congrats to you girl… you deserve that office!

    IN LOVE! and i just ordered the for like ever words! your office is perfect. and SO ME! so i am just again–

    OMG everything about this room is pure PERFECTION!! I'm obcessed!! I want that wall…like now! LOL.


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    It is gorgeous!! You guys did such an awesome job! I'm jealous! (:
    I'm totally loving gold lately, so this office looks beyond perfect. I'm OBSESSED with that gold chest. ahhhhhhh. OBSESSED.

    Shalyn! This space is absolutely breathtaking. My heart literally started beating fast as I looked at these images. Every single thing about your new office is perfection. You and DDHP did an amazing job, and I can't think of anyone else who deserves this more than you! 🙂 xo!

    wow! what a gorgeous space. i LOVE LOVE LOVE that chevron wall!

    A-FREAKING-MAZING!!!!!!!!! Gah…it's more gorgeous than I EVER imagined!!!!

    I am SO proud of you!!!! Amazing!!!

    Your office is the complete inspiration for my wedding! I picked the colors coconut and gold today and I saw this and darn near keeled over! I am OBSESSED! I know, I know, offices and weddings are two different animals but WOW! I love it! You did such an amazing job 🙂 Pretty office for a pretty lady..perfect fit! XOX

    best office i've ever seen IN MAH LIFE!!!!! seriously. amazing. no words.

    except maybe you could blow up a huge picture of my face and make it the ceiling photo? 😉

    I AM OBSESSED! beautiful just like YO HEART!!!


    there are no true words to express how gorgeous this space is!!! seriously, to be able to work in an office this gorgeous…totz jealous 😉 it looks so fantastic. you and you hubby did an amazing job!

    Love the gold wall & the iphone case. Gotta have that!

    Is this for real??? LOVE!!

    this might be the best looking room i've ever seen. also, your blog is amazing! i'll be moving to austin in july after i get married so i'm excited to follow along 🙂


    I am speechless. It is AMAZING. Love every single detail. Great job y'all!

    It is too adorable. It turned out so cute 🙂

    This turned out beautifully!!! It's so bright and cheery, I would love to work in a space like that. Awesome job!

    what a beautiful gorgeous space! i'm astounded! awesome design~

    So gorgeous! Every time I see anything gold now I think of you and your big smile!

    Wow, what a beautiful office by such a creative beautiful person 🙂 I love it!

    I littrally said "Oooh my gawwwwwddd, this is BEAUTIFUL" as I scrolled through the pictures! Seriously Shalyn, what can't you do?! You have such a creative eye for things. <3 Lauren

    Oh my gosh…it's so beautiful!

    OMG I am super jealous. You did an amazing job! It looks wonderful!

    Can I just live in this room? Haha. I love every.single.detail! You did an amazing job and of course you have a cute office to work in. You deserve it!

    Omg….I LOVE!!! So stickin cute! So my style too! ahhhhhh

    It looks awesome and I need those cameras from Z!! Great job on making your vision come to life. It is beautiful!!

    Oh Shay, this room is so perfect & so you!! We share the same taste. The prints look so AWESOME in there! & hello that striped wall just made my heart stop, the chalkboard wall (OH MY WORD), the gold chest (eee!). You are so creative and I know more magic will happen in this room, just you wait & see. So happy you have a space to bring you pure joy. LOVE YOU GIRL! xo S

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! It's incredible! I love every.last.detail and I'm not just saying that! What a wonderfully beautiful place for you to spend your day!

    You have such an eye for beautiful things! Stunning! Love the gold. I have to ask…where is that fabulous phone case from?!

    Beautiful room! I love the color scheme!!

    HOLY MOLY GIRLFRIEND!! GORGEOUS! Had to write that in all caps because that's how AWESOME it is!

    Love the chalkboard wall!

    O.M.G. It's so beautiful! Swoon, dream office. Mad props to Drew! I'm so excited for you!!

    Wow – this is absolutely beautiful! This looks like a designer room and should totally be in a magazine! I dream of having an office like this one day!

    Shayln this is so beautiful! There are no words! Love everything about it! Such fine detailing! You are truly talented and have such an eye!!

    Oh my WORD! Can I come sleep in there? What a beautiful space! That WALL – how did that come together and you two NOT kill each other?! Seriously, amazing.

    Job well done lady (and Drew!) what a fun and pretty space for you!

    This is stinkin' gorgeous! In love 🙂

    Love this! I want to move in!

    Hi Shay, I'm a new follower, I've read through some of your past posts and and I'm really liking your blog. Your office looks incredible, as though it is straight out of the pages of a magazine, it's truly beautiful. I love the two quotes.
    I hope you feel better soon.

    what a gorgeous space. i'm in love!
    can i just… live in there? thanks! :]

    OH-MY GOSH! That is STUNNING! Is that chalkboard paint on the wall with the doors?

    Love it…gorgi!
    Is the flooring place in the Austin area??!??

    It's SO PRETTY!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE every single thing about it!

    Shay!!! It is so gorgeous, so beautiful and so creative feeling!! You are going to work magic in that room, I just know it!!

    SHAY! I am swooning so hard. This is the office that dreams are made of haha. I would want to be in there all of the time. You guys did such an amazing job! It looks great and you took beautiful pictures to capture how amazing it is. Come do mine next 😉

    Just beautiful like you and your heart. Love love love.