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    Happiest Thursday to y’all my love muffins! I’ve been meaning to post my latest work on the blog, and really, I have just been TERRIBLE at blogging it. Honestly. I feel overwhelmed most days just with the lists I make for myself and well…I’m taking a small step today and blogging one. And y’all…it’s not just ONE…this is one of my favorite bridal sessions to date. You know what fires me up? Taking pictures. You know what fires me up EVEN more? Taking pictures of beautiful hearted people. 
    Now y’all…this girl, as you are about to see will just make you smile because of the amazing energy she has. I literally couldn’t help but SMILE the whole time I edited these. She’s stunning, kind, and I’m so fortunate to know this little lady. She’s been in touch with me a couple of times asking how to start a blog and I simply just told her to DO it. So, she did. Go say hi, she’s one of the sweetest, loveliest souls I’ve ever, EVER had the pleasure of working with. I simply adore her and her heart. You can see just by her smile how amazing of a person she is. I just adore her and her joyous personality. It’s infectious.

    Ashley wanted to be barefoot the entire shoot…isn’t that THE cutest thing ever!? It’s totally her thing, and she said if she could, she’d never wear shoes. I think this is pretty stinkin’ adorable so we ran with it and jumped in the field. Doesn’t she just make you happy?

    We then headed to the college campus of Sam Houston State University (where we both attended college) and grabbed a couple more shots…WITH shoes this time. 😉 Cute, pink shoes might I add. We had so much fun!

    Just wait until you see her beautiful wedding day.

    November 8, 2012



    She is so absolutely adorable!!! And you take some amazing pictures!

    I love, love love your clean processing! Such bright and pretty crisp images. I love the bare feet, but the pink shoes are pretty cute too 🙂

    These are beautiful! Love her dress! I just started a photography business this summer and I was still wondering what type of equipment you use? And what kind of editing you use? Since I am just starting and I work full time, I am having a hard time getting all the business side of it together. I was wondering if you have any advice. I love your photography!

    I am loving all those photos! I do not think I could pick just one even if I tried… All are just too cute! Great job 🙂

    Just gorgeous, both the pictures and her!!

    these are gorgeous! I love how natural they are & how relaxed she seems!

    seriously amazing.. girllll you need to be doing this full-time, and have a baby on your hip?
    no? you are amazing

    What a GORGEOUS bride and Beautiful photos as always!! HUGS my sweet friend!:)

    She is just adorable and you captured some great shots girl!!!

    omg. Just a natural beauty, you captured awesome pictures!

    Aw Shay! Shes so beautiful & youre so talented <3 You are my thursday pick me up for photography land 🙂

    Oh my word! These are AWESOME! She is just precious!!!

    SHAY! You are so flippin' talented! These are amazing! You really have a gift for capturing people's personalities in your photos.

    You really know how to capture not only the beauty but the spirit of a happy person like Ashley! I can't wait to see the wedding photos because you did an awesome job!

    P.S. I'm making a trip to Austin in Jan/Feb to visit Ruthie, I hope that visit will include getting to finally meet you in real life!

    Beautiful bride Beautiful photographs! Love the barefoot shots they seem to scream her personality!!

    Gorgeous pictures and gorgeous bride!

    These pictures are amazing!!!! Great job. 🙂

    These are gorgeous…but I have to ask. What were the green balls?

    These are absolutely breath-taking!! What a fun and gorgeous bride she is!! I still cannot get over the talent you have found in photography- it is amazing!

    These are so gorgeous!! Seriously… Texas wasn't on the other side of the world from Minnesota… you'd be taking my pictures. HAHAHAHA

    YOU are AMAZING!!! Wow so talented!! Keep posting your shoots their so fun to see!!!

    well, it's no secret that you're insanely talented! you captured her perfectly! she is radiant!

    holy gorgeous shay. you are SO freakin talented and can just tell by these pics you guys had the best time EVER!

    barefoot all the time. I think i love this girl already!!!!

    these pics are fantastic


    Thank you so much Emily!!! 🙂 She made it easy! 🙂

    We can't go check her out…you didn't leave a link!! 🙂 Your pics are beautiful! You're so talented and seem like such a fabulous person! You're one of my favorite bloggers!

    Hi Cindy!!!! 🙂 Thanks so much sweet lady!!! 🙂 Aww! You're too sweet! I went back and made the link! Sorry about that 😉 Brain fart at its finest! 🙂